We have something for everyone at K.M.D Studios. Come along for a free trial and see for yourself.

Classes are fun, friendly and creative.

Tiny Ballerinas (18 mon - 3 years) - Monday - 9.30am - 10.15am ($15 per session)

A lovely introduction to ballet for little dancers age 18 months to 3 years old. This Baby Ballet class will be a beautiful class, using props to develop fine and gross motor skills and the parent’s participation to engage the young dancer. Tiny Ballerina’s is great for building confidence, posture, balance, musicality and social skills

Twinkle Toes (3 - 5years) - Monday - 3.30pm - 4pm ($10 per session)

A creative, fun and structured class for young dancers to explore their imagination and begin the introduction to ballet. Use props and beautiful ballet music to engage the pupils in class.

Pre Junior Ballet (5 - 7 years) - Monday - 4pm - 4.45pm ($15 per session)

A structured class for young dancers to help learn the basic steps and positions. They use their co - ordination skills with fun and engaging exercises to help with rhythm and technique.

Junior Ballet (7 - 10 years) - Monday - 4.45pm - 5.30pm ($15 per session)

A progression class from the Pre Junior Ballet developing more advanced techniques aimed at older dancers. Children will learn the correct ballet technique which will allow them to embody their craft as they grow as dancers. The class will include techniques such as barre work and center.

Adult Hip-Hop - Monday - 7.30pm - 8.30pm ($12.50 per session)

A fun and energetic dance class for adults of any age! Find your inner sass and style and dance like nobody is watching.

Funky Movers (18mon - 3 years) - Wednesday - 10am - 11am ($10 Pay Weekly)

A Dance and Music class for children age 18 months - 5 years. Parents join in and dance with your little one, using props, children's favorite nursery rhymes and pop music to dance away the morning. This class is pay weekly.

Mini Boppers (3 - 5 years) - Wednesday - 3.30pm - 4pm ($10 per session)

An introduction to HipHop for mini dancers. Sassy moves with confidence and style for your little groover. Dance to current pop music and learn the latest dance moves.

Junior Hip-Hop (6 - 10 years) - Wednesday - 4pm - 4.45pm ($15 per session)

A super stylish dance class for the budding dancer. Learning the fundamental technique for Hiphop but with style, energy and sass. A super fun class for the super sassy dancer.

Intermediate Hip-Hop (10 - 14 years) - Wednesday - 7pm - 8pm ($18 per session)

An energetic, powerful and engaging dance class for teens who want to build confidence and style.

Contemporary & Jazz Combo (10 - 16 years) - Thursday - 7pm - 8pm ($18 per session)

A lovely class for teens who want to explore movement through Contemporary and Jazz Dance. A combo class including both genres, using techniques to learn and embody the styles. A fun and energetic class.

Adult Contemporary & Jazz Combo - Thursday - 8pm - 9pm ($12.50 per session)

Let yourself go and have fun in this movement class. Find the release and Jazz hands in this Adult only class.

Adult Ballet - Friday - 7.30pm - 9pm ($15 per session)

Ballet is the fundamental basis for all dance genres so why not learn the correct technique, form and discipline of ballet. An adult only class for all levels of dancer. Barre, center, allegro and stretches over 90 minutes.